Can silver jewelry cure illness?

Can Silver jewelry cure illness?Did you know that for decades silver has been used to cure various ailments? These healing properties were discovered by a medical doctor called Hippocrates also known as the ‘Father of Medicine’. In the ancient days, silver was not only used to prevent most diseases, but also heal wounds and prevent some drinks like wine and vinegar from going bad. These methods also included the purification of water. Some of the ailments that silver is said to cure involved treatment for ulcers, preventing cold and flu sickness, regulating internal blood circulation, cholera, syphilis, and even epilepsy. Apart from that, silver is also used in hospital equipment for catheters, x-rays, antiseptic solutions, and also in medicinal liquid form such as: eye drops. The benefits of silver don't just stop there since some washing machines and toilet porcelain has built-in silver ions to help prevent germs from spreading washed clothes, or within the toilet. Despite all the healthy benefits, there are just as many negative opinions about silver being used for medicinal purposes.

For instance, if one uses a silver-based medicine called: Colloidal Silver [1] which was abandoned in the 1940’s in favor of more effective medicines, has seen more of an alternative medicine ‘miracle cure’ that is largely contested for actual healing/cure results. There's actually an article about a man who died after using colloidal silver for over 10 years to cure a skin condition he had, but it is yet not clear if that was indeed the cause of his death. Some people have also been said to react to silver especially when they wear it as jewelry. This has actually led to many warnings for some people who have been spreading information online about silver products that provide medical benefits without FDA permission. Despite the numerous warnings though, silver is still being widely used in the medical sector with just as many hucksters who are attesting to being healed by it. Another fanciful rumor is said: that when you wear clothes and jewelry made from silver, you will be able to prevent a lot of diseases like the ones mentioned earlier in this article. This definitely sounds like great news for some, but then again- “some luck is totally by accident” Silver may be an attractive color to wear to any function; but whether it holds any has health benefits may be purely by chance.