Privacy Policy

Welcome to Iguana Silver Treasury privacy policy info page. We understand your concerns for privacy these days, so any visit to is always 100% safe for viewing purposes. Such technology that is used by some websites often enable cookies and other tricky kinds of tracking spambots which flood you with annoying e-mails is not activated whatsoever on this website. While we do like to track our guests via standard website viewing counters, anytime you happen to visit us you won’t need to worry about unsolicited spam of any kind being sent to you at any point.

We have no need to collect personal information from our Iguana Silver Treasury fans other than what is shown on this website already. Contributions and articles on our site have been submitted from personal friends and fans all over the world, so please respect their privacy (in addition to ours) to not copy or reprint these articles in any way. Links to social networking sites like (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) are of course encouraged since we want to spread the word about the latest silver related news and product innovations to more people around the globe.

Any information included on this website you happen to use is entirely at your own risk, thus we are not liable for the information that is provided. The content available on the pages of is provided as general information only. It is subject to change at any time without notice. Any information collected or available through this website is meant to meet the specific requirements of our readers and viewers.

Any additional news information and fun articles that are sent to us, are reviewed carefully to keep continuity of all content that is added to our website. For your personal respect of privacy we keep all personal information (that is sent to us) completely secure from third-party contact. Any contributions to become intellectual property that no longer holds private claim to other websites or blogs including silver related stories that are posted here.