Was silver jewelry popular among royalty?

Royal families and Jewelry are correlated. You cannot imagine a royal family without jewelry that might be diamond, gold, and silver. Jewelry is known as one of the symbols of the royalty. You can name any jewelry that you will find in any royal family. But here the question is that do the royal families use silver jewelry? The answer might be no. But they use silver for other purposes. They use silvers for making designs in their clothes, foot wear, and also use silver beads in their jewelry. You can also find this metal in some of their other accessories. Like gold, silver was also popular among the royal families. It was extensively used for many reasons.

If you are a follower of the royal families and want to know how the royalty is linked with silver then here is some information that can help you to understand better. Silver was very useful within the royal families and was considered the symbol ‘itself’ defining the term: royalty. Yes, silver was not so popular worn as jewelry with many royal families, but they were using silver plates and silver decorations to enhance the beauty of their royal homes. In most of the royal families around the world, you will find silver pots and silver plates. It is not the sign of the royalty only, it was considered hygienic at that time.

What kinds of silver products did royal families use?


In addition to a few pieces of jewelry such as silver beads in earrings, nose rings, bracelets, bangles, and silver plated anklets, silver was also incorporated into: baskets/flower baskets and buckets, pots/ warmers and coasters, plated bottle holder/water pots or coffee tanks/ tea sets and wine warmers, decorative silver trinkets like round mirrors hair brushes, and certainly designed into many clothing items. Silver added a touch of royalty without saying a word, as most people would agree. Perhaps this is why fancy family dinners often include fine silver utensils along with their finest silver serving trays for special meal celebrations including weddings and major celebrations.