Top 5 Silver Anniversary Gift Ideas

Finding the person you want to spend your entire life with is a true blessing, making it last 25 glorious years is nothing short of a masterful achievement. It is certainly cause for celebration to have spent a quarter of a century with your soulmate. I knew I had to come up with something really special for my wife, who truly is the reason we've lasted so long together, so I started to do a bit of research. I found out that 25 years of marriage is referred to as a silver anniversary, because in ancient Roman times it was the ‘husbands’ who put a silver wreath on their wife's head. So that meant the most meaningful gift would have to be something silver or silver related. Here are the best options for a 25th anniversary gift you can consider buying.

Silver Jewelry

Silver jewelry, I determined, is likely the most common choice, but I found the plethora of options that are anything but common. I'm rather leaning toward a silver locket in the shape of a heart, but there are some dainty earrings that I know she'd love too. Think of something that appeals closer to the individual when jewelry of this kind is considered. You’ll save a lot of stress later if you know more info before you do any shopping.

Silver Dipped Items

There are some very imaginative options using silver these days. I found a silver dipped rose, for example, which would be a wonderful choice since my wife's name is Rose. I also have often given her roses for other anniversaries, so this would have deep meaning. These kinds of items aren’t hard to find online, however a quick search for ‘silver dipping’ will quickly find what you are searching for.

Personalized Silver Items

Not only can many types of silver jewelry be personalized, but I also found some wonderfully unique plates that could be personalized with her name, our wedding date, and a special message. I am also leaning toward a silver anniversary frame with a special picture of us.

Other Personalized Items

It isn't just items made out of silver that can be personalized. Another wonderful option which will go nicely for the party I have planned are bottles of wine and bubbly that are etched in silver with our names and wedding date. A set of personalized wine glasses for the two of us would top off the evening. I also found pillows and throws that could be personalized with silver lettering.

Creative Ideas

The more I looked, the more amazing things that I found. For example, there are a number of perfumes and colognes with the word silver in their names. I'm also leaning toward a remodeled kitchen with sleek new stainless steel (they look like silver, right?) appliances. I am also considering that she has often said how much she'd like to travel more, and found that there are lots of cities throughout the world with silver in their names, such as Silver Creek, Belize.


The hardest part is not finding an option for our 25th silver anniversary, it is deciding on which one to do. It is so challenging that I haven't settled on one yet, but she's so special, maybe I'll do them all.