Mirror yourself with silver contact lenses today!

When more movies featuring characters with colored contact lenses start to appear, the more popular a new fashion trend often becomes. People of all different ages enjoy wearing contact lenses that change not only the color of their eyes- but the look in general. One of the most popular emerging trends is wearing silver contact lenses. There are several reasons for the popularity of silver mirror contacts. First of all, loving the look of celebrities and the characters they play in movies, people want to imitate and be just like them. That's why some of the most popular Google queries include “Angelina Jolie's hairstyles”, “Kim Kardashian's makeup”, “Johnny Depp's style”. Wearing contact lenses allows people change their appearance, enhance a look, and become more interesting for others. Many of readers must remember those big blue contacts worn by Paris Hilton, whose natural eye color is brown. Some have decided to try-out wearing colored contacts after watching Lady Gaga's “Bad Romance” video. Gaga offered a cartoonish- yet fascinating look happened to inspire many fans to copy her. Unlike colored decorative lenses, silver contact lenses reflect differently, immediately drawing everyone's attention. Those who’ve seen Pitch Black or The Chronicles of Riddick will no doubt be a show-stopper with lenses like these. Silver mirror lenses aren’t a new thing either, they’ve showed-up in past films and television such as Westworld (1973) and Star Trek (1966) which inspired a whole new generation to enjoy the mystique of these types of contact lenses.

There is also a long list of other celebrities spotted wearing colored cosmetic contacts including: Orlando Bloom, Britney Spears, lvanka Trump, and of course, Robert Pattinson with other Twilight Saga actors. Wearing colored contact lenses, people can easily create interesting looks that resemble their favorite movie characters too. Those who want to have the Avatar, Hulk, or Mystique look- are just a few ideas for a shocking lenses, however they lack the effect to appeal for many who see them in person. Silver mirror contact lenses become popular again for many reasons that include internet fashion through the appearance in recent great sci-fi movies. When everyone is talking about chatbots and intelligent robots, people want to look even more futuristic and modern. The concept to make people look fashionable and stylish while the rest of the world mirrors from the ‘wearers eyes’ is oddly attractive. Moreover, these lenses function as a message to everyone around saying that this is a person who knows more than they really know, and that is fearful and interesting at the same time! Not everyone is willing to go this far, yet if we see more of the internet savvy folks out there who like looking brainy (but retaining their good looks), this is the perfect look for you.