Silver coins used as jewelry

Silver has long been referred to as the "Queen of Metals" and all throughout history it has been widely used for jewelry. People have long been making silver coins into great jewelry ever since inception of coinage. Most of the coins which were pierced or holed throughout the history, were done so that they can be affixed to an article clothing or worn around the neck. Silver, (the white metal), has a very illustrious reputation for its' use in jewelry. Silver is actually a precious metal which is valuable and rare, and it's considered a noble metal since it resists oxidation and corrosion. The high luster and reflectivity makes it perfect for jewelry and silverware, whereas the easy malleability has made it the most practical and popular choice for coin jewelry. Many people purchase silver coins to use them as beautiful accessories, and status symbols.

Using silver coins as pieces of jewelry is actually a great way of appreciating silver coins. You can adorn not-only yourself but someone else with an item that represents great beauty and lots of historical significance. When used as jewelry, silver coins also create plenty of interest for other people who happen to notice. Men in particular also use silver coins as the ultimate symbol of distinction and confidence. As a matter of a fact, silver coins were once exclusively reserved for the noblemen.

Because of its' status as a valuable precious metal, (ranked 2nd only to gold), silver jewelry is usually considered second best. One of the most famous silver jewelry that is seen awarded is the 2nd place Olympic Silver Medal. There are also many other novel silver jewelry choices which are used to commemorate retirement, promotion or simply to say, "I love you." Some great modern day uses of silver in everyday jewelry include; comb and brush sets, lighters, bracelets, engraved key rings, flasks, pocket watches, pocket knives and much more. Silver makes a great gift which no man ever forgets because well-chosen silver jewelry has a lasting memory for any event, emotion or occasion. The bottom line here is that silver not only symbolizes valor, honor, and accomplishment, it speak volumes to those to who are seen wearing something made from silver.