Is silver still a precious metal?

Silver was once regarded more precious than gold. A metal is basically considered to be precious if it is rare. That being said, in Ancient Egypt about 5,000 years ago, silver was deemed to be the most precious metal as it was more rare than gold all throughout that period. And such was its’ importance that it was used to delineate the Gods of the land. Another major reason why it became a precious metal was due to to its unique shine. Silver has undoubtedly remained among the most sought after metals on the planet due to its wide array of medicinal and industrial properties that have empowered it to stand high above almost all other metals. Throughout history, we all have loved to wear silver jewelery. And that is why, it is extremely popular for being used in creating jewelry products. There is something exquisite about its bright metallic glow that pulls us all towards it.

Also, considering the fact that gold is quite expensive, we often consider silver as a secondary choice for jewelery. It is certainly this popularity that ensures that there is a huge demand for silver. Silver is also considered to be a status symbol in society these days as we all love to adorn and surround ourselves with the bright, silver, jewelery ornaments. It looks wonderful when it sparkles in the sunlight. Today, skilled jewelers can craft appealing and exclusive styles just as clothing fashion designers can, and fashion is certainly a part of the appeal of jewelery these days. With a look at history and modern era, it is quite clear that Silver has certainly redefined itself over time, catering to humanity in countless different ways. It is still a precious metal, and with advancing technology and science, it is only a matter of time before we identify other wonderful uses of this precious metal.