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Your best online source of silver product info and jewelery related news.  No lounge lizard silver tongue stories here, we bring you the most recent snap-dragon reports at the crack of this Iguana tail whip! Find great compliment articles about silver and silver products from our contributing staff writers- all over the globe, providing continual updates on this curious metal we can’t seem to get enough of! From fashion of days long past to the wackiest trends you’ve probably seen already on Twitter or Facebook, we cover what’s hot and what’s not with today’s silver fashion trade.  

Of course there is nothing like a good tip that is worth its’ weight in gold (so-to-speak), so we also give you the latest info on alternative medicine uses for silver. Good or bad, sometimes anything is worth a shot once if it doesn’t hurt anybody to try something different!   

Learn the tricks to look more than just a million bucks, we’ve added some tip and tricks at how you can get that royal touch look without spending hardly anything at all. If you ever wanted to know-  How do those rich people really live? We’ve included some great articles on those Silver Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous!

When it comes to fashion do’s and don’ts silver jewelry seems to carry a dark cloud of superstition you may have heard stories from your ‘Grammy’ telling, let’s help you clear the air about some of these  freaky tales and where they actually came from. Are you ready to get your pet fashion ready for the new season coming up? Find out the hottest trends for pet fashion couture including ways to add some heavy ‘silver’ metal to your favorite feline or poochie pals. 

For those who love gems: Gemtastic results don’t have to come from over-priced stones you find at the jewelry stores. Get the latest info how you can have the luxury jewelry you make yourself, and the best sources where you can start making them yourself.

With Iguana Silver's range of jewelry you can dress to impress and create something similar to the Cleopatra Jewels slot machine look. Its glamorous and sheik, while understated and sexy.